Stark, Stuck

by A Cheeky Grin

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Thought I'd release these three and half year old demoes. It takes a bit of imagination to figure out a demo, so who knows if people will enjoy them, but I miss the Cheeky Grin days so here's to em. Cheers


released May 18, 2017



all rights reserved


A Cheeky Grin Melbourne, Australia

A Cheeky Grin are a Melbourne based two-piece bringing a new emotional depth and intensity to dissonant rock. At times sadly intimate then suddenly manic, raw and absurd, A Cheeky Grin's music is pure emotional disturbance. A wake up call rattling the bars of your pathetic, caged hearts. ... more

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Track Name: Gently
Who will come to cross the line
come gently lift the bar
all's within that's truly mine
the rest is just too far

A gentle force against the gate
lips brush disturb the void
a thrill spreads through the silent state
a murmur fear's deployed

A breach a glitch we're comprised
run now take your last chance
twist resist make cold your lives
you're caught in her last glance

Trapped and held now gazing out
the sky runs past to show
held within that shaking breeze
the first of all you'll know

It shifts the leaves it brings the rain
it builds and crushes grace
towards the warmth the smoothest pain
two fall two turn to face
Track Name: Disgrace
My footsteps do not sound my own
the rise and fall is close and grown
what once was lost in haze and moan
has caught the edge unknown

She whispered what was plain to see
thrown sparks into the oldest tress
now burn the fire sow the seed
the young have hope indeed

What could we have seen from here
her guilt shook breath my horrid fear
we'll see who sheds the virgin tear
the rest is sharp and clear

What may burn will warm its proved
since either hand can give a truth
you’ll get your light from sun or moon
so let your heart be smoothed

Malice trusts forgiveness least
the softly spoken hidden beast
don’t mention what the hunter seeks
just treasure what it keeps

Smell is close by grace of air
it clears the mind and burns despair
the warmth may yet still lead me there
her skin so smooth and fair

Eternity is in the eyes
mortality a fine disguise
the gods the ghost the new surprise
back running towards demise

What was one was split in twain
the human splinter caught the blame
infected twisted pure or sane
to me its all the same

Just let my soul rest on her face
she’s eyes and lips I’m pure disgrace
take my time my heart my space
and let me run this race
Track Name: That Slow Sad Dance
That slow sad dance
I never stood a chance
two eyes down the barrel
a fine romance
I never stood a chance

That long rough slope
I only had to cope
The cliffs the solemn waiting
Heart and hope
I only had to cope

That sick sure choice
My heart breaks at her voice
Her breath travels through me
A pure white noise
Track Name: A Crisis of Faith
Every day a crisis of faith
it falls apart ad I remake
each day I watch this race
I speak and I lose face

The moments seem to drip away
the night as slowly as the day
I turn to those with more to say
be quiet my dismay

Every day my hope's a stake
sun might set my heart can ache
this grip might easily break
the pieces that you take

Every day there's more to live
the risk a weight that moves to shift
if you can trust the one's you're with
then you can still forgive
Track Name: An Answer
Put out my eyes or if not her’s
I need a violent answer
for in them lies a cause to stir
the leaping flying dancer

The hunt is up so be released
the moon’s cold light won’t glitter
it fills the cup with cool relief
the rush is smooth and bitter

Shed my skin and I’ll wear hers
scared scarred sacred sinking
the rising sin the mind concurs
the last time you’re caught thinking

Dive we’ll take it hold me back
I wonder no I’m falling
grab it take it I’ve no lack
You’ve heard or are my calling

That one sweet touch so smooth unsure
the fear thought it was fighting
she’s just too much I’m on the floor
I’m swimming drowning wading

this room this place I built it yes
was she always here waiting
her eyes her face oh I confess
I’m swimming drowning wading
Track Name: This Us
Two hands on the rope that is love
sliding down it burns straight through the gloves
while her knife cuts the strands up above
I consider that last fatal shove

Two figures stand small on the cliff
if you’re still then you’re still who you’re with
breathe it in what the sea has to give
…as the rocks slow sad shift

What the heart gives at night she calls lust
in the morning her spite says you’re puss
that’s not closing the wound its just rust
you walk out she’s relieved of this us

No words and a long rotten shore
a thousand dead birds and what’s more
you could feel all the pain that’s in store
for too long you had watched as it gnawed

What the heart gives at night she calls lust
in the morning her spite says you’re puss
thats not closing the wound its just rust
you walk out she’s relieved of this us